AR-50™ Bi-Pod V2.0

The legendary APA AR-50™ Bi-Pod that started it all. Designed and built for stability for accurate long range shooting. What started out as a single Bi-Pod for personal use has grown to be the Bi-Pod of choice for thousands of AR-50™ owners. This fixed height Bi-Pod allows you to place accurate shots well in excess of 1000 yards.

Picatinny Mount V2.0

We are now pleased to offer our V2.0 with a robust Picatinny rail mount. Precision CNC machined from a block of aircraft grade aluminum, it covers 6 spaces on a 1919 Picatinny rail.

Cant Lock Extension

This accessory for our Bi-Pod will replace the existing cant lock bolt making it possible to adjust cant from the shooter ready position. The handle has splines that are easily disengaged that allow it to be rotated to a position you like for shooting and then can be rotated up and out of the way for transport.

AR-50™ Quick Adjust Mono-Pod

The Allied Precision Arms, Quick Adjust Mono-Pod is designed for use on any version of the ArmaLite AR-50™. This Mono-Pod is a direct bolt on accessory that utilizes the two existing cheek piece mounting bolt holes found on the butt stock, no modifications to the rifle are required.

Recoil Pad Adjuster

Allied Precision Arms makes the task of adjusting the recoil pad easier than ever. No longer will you have to fumble with the hard to access allen bolts. After a simple installation of this one part, that requires no modification of the rifle, you will be able to adjust the recoil pad without any tools.

The Essentials Kit

In addition to a great optic, awesome trigger, and match grade ammo, what we feel are essential tools for effectively extracting the accuracy out of your AR-50™ is four of our products: APA Bi-Pod, Cant Lock Extension, Quick Adjust Mono-Pod & Recoil Pad Adjuster.

Carry Handle

Feel secure carrying your rifle one handed in a comfortable natural position. The AR-50™ Carry Handle from Allied Precision Arms has a non-slip cushion grip and is a combination of billet aluminum and TIG welded steel, both finished in a rifle matching flat black.

AR-50™ Soft Rifle Case

Allied Precision Arms Soft Case is designed especially for the ArmaLite AR-50™.   Our case will accommodate any version AR-50™ including the National Match, equipped with any of the popular scope and ring combination’s available today; fully assembled and ready to shoot.

AT-50 Hard Rifle Case

Some AR-50™ owners have been asking for a hard case that can transport their rifle fully assembled. APA and Americase have heard you and are now pleased to offer the AT-50 Cal ArmaLite™ case! This case was designed specifically to accommodate any AR-50™ and that includes the National Match version. The interior dimensions are a whopping 66 inches long by 15.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep!