So how did all of this start?

I’m Larry Curik, and I started Allied Precision Arms in 2008.

A large portion of my life was spent involved in the Motorcycle industry as a designer, fabricator and problem solver. In my off time I have always enjoyed shooting sports.

In August of 2007, I won the prestigious Harley-Davidson Ride in show in Sturgis with a handmade one of a kind Pan Head. That’s a really big deal you see, there is only one place given out in that show; Best Of Show. It was a great win and should have sky rocketed my business.

After years of building bikes, appearing on numerous TV shows and in magazine features I felt as if things were about to get real busy.

Then came 2008 – the economy tanked. For years most of my time was booked for handmade motorcycles and I did a lot of design work for a number of huge aftermarket companies. The phone stopped ringing and cash flow had become a one-way thing, all going out. Take a deep breath and figure something out real fast.

I decided to acquire an FFL and start selling firearms and spend time developing suppressors. I had acquired a 50 cal rifle in 2007 and wanted to get real serious with 50 BMG competition. So I set out to purchase the needed accessories to get my rifle ready to compete.

My problem was that everything I found was less than adequate for the task at hand. So the first order was to build a sturdy, purpose built Bi-Pod. After building a couple of prototypes and a bunch of range time, I finalized my design.

I headed off to a match at Camp Perry in Ohio, taking my rifle and new Bi-Pod with me. A lot of people noticed the Bi-Pod and asked where they could get one of their own. Returning from that match with a handful of names and numbers of people who wanted one of my Bi-Pods, I made a small batch of them, I think like 10 and they all sold and I was taking orders for more. Shortly after that I had to forget about new gun sales as this Bi-Pod business was consuming most of my time; and it still does.

It may seem simple and easy to do this but that is the farthest from the truth. I am driven by form, function and unsurpassed quality. It takes a lot to deliver what I and thousands of customers feel is the best support gear for the task at hand.

I hope that you enjoy our products and that they make your shooting experience everything you need it to be. All of our products are 100% U.S. Made and carry a lifetime warranty. I am still the one that answers the phone, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Hope we can meet up at a match real soon!

Thank you for your business!

Larry Curik