AR-50™ Rifle Recoil Pad Quick Adjuster

The AR-50™ comes from the factory with an adjustable recoil pad. The problem, if you will, is that it is secured to the rifle with two allen bolts, and the owner’s manual makes no reference to the adjustability of it. If one shoots from the prone position without moving the pad to its upmost position you will have the recoil pad in your chest, not at your shoulder where it really belongs. And if you do move it as supplied you will have to shorten an allen wrench to access the bolts.

Allied Precision Arms makes the task of adjusting the recoil pad easier than ever. No longer will you have to fumble with the hard to access allen bolts. After a simple installation of this one part, that requires no modification of the rifle, you will be able to adjust the recoil pad without any tools. Simply slide it up to obtain a comfortable shooting position and then slide it back down for bore cleaning and transport.

100% made in the USA and supplied with installation instructions.