Introducing the latest version of our legendary AR-50™ Rifle Bi-Pod, the V2.0

Designed and built for stability for accurate long range shooting. What started out as a single Bi-Pod for personal use has grown to be the Bi-Pod of choice for thousands of AR-50™ owners. This fixed height Bi-Pod allows you to place accurate shots well in excess of 1000 yards.


The V2.0, the latest version of our purpose built Bi-Pod.

After producing thousands of fabricated steel Bi-Pods we are pleased to offer our latest design that is crafted from solid aircraft grade billet aluminum. Produced on state of the art CNC machining centers, our new version has all of the features of our original. Direct mount on all versions of the AR-50™, no weak adapters are used to mount it.

The National Match version will require removal of the skid plate

  • Direct mount for the AR50™, Super stable 18” wide stance
  • Folding, Positive screw lock legs with ski feet
  • Lockable cant, 20⁰ left and right
  • Type III mil-spec hard coat anodized finish
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Competition Proven, unsurpassed quality
  • Approved for use in FCSA competition
  • 100% Made In The USA with a Lifetime Warranty