AR-50™ Rifle Quick Adjust Mono-Pod

The Allied Precision Arms, Quick Adjust Mono-Pod is designed for use on any version of the ArmaLite AR-50™. This Mono-Pod is a direct bolt on accessory that utilizes the two existing cheek piece mounting bolt holes found on the butt stock, no modifications to the rifle are required.

Once attached to your rifle, the Mono-Pod in conjunction with our Bi-Pod makes for a super stable 3 point of contact shooting platform. When you have this 3 point contact you virtually transform your rifle into a very accurate piece of artillery.

The Quick Adjust button allows for rapid gross height adjustment, then use the thumb wheel for your final target adjustment; both from the shooter ready position.

Instructions and mounting bolts included.

And like all of our products: 100% Made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty