“The Essentials Kit”

In addition to a great optic*, awesome trigger**, and match grade ammo***, what we feel are essential tools for effectively extracting the accuracy out of your AR-50™ is four of our products:

  • APA Bi-Pod
  • Cant Lock Extension
  • Quick Adjust Mono-Pod
  • Recoil Pad Adjuster

Let’s start with our legendary APA Bi-Pod. Add the Cant Lock Extension to the Bi-Pod so you can make cant adjustments from the shooter ready position. With the addition of the Quick Adjust Mono-Pod to the butt stock, you now have a solid 3 point shooting platform. Our Recoil Pad Adjuster makes it easy to get the pad in a useable shooting position without the need for tools.

For your convenience (and to make our lives easier), we’ve packaged these four items together and priced the kit at a 20 dollar savings over purchasing the parts individually.

*For a great optic, our recommendation is “you get what you pay for.” Buy once, cry once; unfortunately, the more expensive the better.

**Jewell triggers are the only way to go.

***Of course, what you feed it is really important; surplus ammo will never show you the true accuracy of your rifle. It’s just not made to be extremely consistent, but still puts that 50cal smile on your face!